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Northern Lights Self-Drive


4 Days / 5 locations in Iceland

Let the Aurora hunt begin…

Contradictory to what many might think, an expertise guidance is not necessary in order to see the northern lights!

Don’t misunderstand us, guidance is always appreciated (otherwise we would not be able to offer all of our guided Northern light tours!), but what’s needed to see the auroras in Iceland isn’t so complicated. It needs to be dark, cold and finally the sky needs to be as clear as possible (no clouds, please).

Now, the first two points are usually not a problem during winter in Iceland. It’s cold and dark most of the time. But the sky is very unpredictable. One minute, clouds would cover the stars and the auroras. But the next minute, there might be a “hole” in the clouds where the auroras would shine through for some time.

This is the moment when the flexibility of having your own car comes in handy!

In this tour, we offer you both the change of participating in a scheduled tour with an expert guide (on your arrival evening), where hopefully you will gain some best practice tips on how to see the northern lights. Use that information during the next evening – where you will be staying at an amazing hotel in the middle of the Golden Circle area, away from all city lights, and a car available that you can use to get to the best available viewing point.

During the day, you can explore the amazing attractions surrounding the Golden Circle area, such as Geysir Hot Spring, Gullfoss waterfall, Thingvellir national park and many more.

This package combines northern lights hunting with some great accommodation and the flexibility of having your own car.

What happens if the conditions for northern lights viewing are not favorable?

The northern lights are a natural phenomenon and sightings can never be guaranteed. In the unlikely case of you not seeing any northern lights during your Iceland stay, you will at least hopefully have enjoyed some amazing nature, the vibrant city of Reykjavik and the attractions all around the Golden Circle area.


Day 1     Reykjavik
Accommodation: Radisson Blu Saga Hotel

After arriving to Iceland, find your way to the elegant Radisson BLU Saga Hotel in Reykjavik city center (transfer not included). You can choose between using the Flybus coach (connected to all incoming flights, always available seats) or have a private transfer from the airport (cars waiting outside the terminal). If you want to book ahead, take a look at our airport transfer section.

Enjoy the afternoon exploring the vibrant city of Reykjavik. Have an early dinner, as you are leaving for a Northern Lights Mystery tour later in the evening (duration: 3-5 hours). Pick up at your hotel approx. at 7:30 PM, but be sure to stop at the hotel bar at least 15 minutes earlier to enjoy a welcome Northern lights cocktail. Spend the evening hunting for the northern lights on a scheduled coach tour. Overnight at Radisson BLU Saga Hotel .

Please note: If you land too late to join the Northern Lights Mystery tour you could move it to the day before departure, but please let us know so we can make the proper arrangements.

Day 2     Reykjanes Peninsula - Hveragerdi
Meals: Breakfast

Breakfast at the hotel. You will then be picked up by the car rental representative to finalize the rental procedure and pick up the chosen car (for the pick-up time please refer to what specified in your booking confirmation). Afterwards the day is open to your inspiration. Here below a little suggestion but of course you are free to decide where to go and what to visit, that's the beauty of driving your own rental car!

We recommend taking a walk in the charming city streets. Then you could head to the Reykjanes peninsula, where geothermal heat and lava fields dominate the nature. Stop at the Blue lagoon, a geothermal SPA, where you can enjoy a relaxing swim in its naturally heated waters!

From the Blue Lagoon you can then continue your drive towards the Golden Circle area crossing the small village of Hveragerdi, famous for its green-house cultivations. Reach Grimsborgir luxury apartments, where you'll stay overnight. We highly recommend that you have dinner at the Grimsborgir renowned a la carte restaurant.

In the evening, you could enjoy a walk in the area. If the sky is clear, you are very likely to see the Northern Lights, as you are at a remote area - far away from any city lights! Overnight at Grimsborgir apartments.

Day 3     Thingvellir - Gullfoss Waterfall - Reykjavik
Accommodation: Radisson Blu Saga Hotel
Meals: Breakfast

After enjoying breakfast at Grimsborgir, you can explore the famous Golden Circle route, before heading back to Reykjavik in the afternoon. The Classic Golden Circle tour includes a visit to Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Gullfoss waterfall as well as the famous Geysir Geothermal area where hot springs and geysers are abundant.

Thingvellir is the site where the oldest existing parliament in the world was formed. It's not only one of the most historic place in Iceland, but also a natural wonder because of its location literally ON TOP of a tectonic rift valley. At Thingvellir, you can actually see how the continental plates of America and Europe have drifted apart. Huge canyons are the most clear manifestation of that, one of which ("Peningagjá canyon") is thought to make wishes come true when you throw a coin into it.

From Thingvellir we will continue to the geothermal area around the Geysir hot spring and Gullfoss waterfall ("the Golden waterfall"). These attractions are two of the most popular ones in Iceland - and for a reason! Everybody is blown away by the natural power that is reflected in the spouting geysers and huge waterfalls.

After this day of classic sightseeing you will drive back to Reykjavik to check-in once more at Radisson Hotel, where you'll spend the third night. Please note: if landed too late to participate to the scheduled Northern Lights Tour on arrival, you could join it now, but please let us know so we can make the proper arrangements.

Day 4     Reykjavik
Meals: Breakfast

Transfer to the airport not included.

Depending on your departure time, the use of the last day in Iceland is totally up to you! If you liked the Blue lagoon, it's very convenient to "stop by" again at the lagoon on the way to the airport, as it's only 15 minute drive away. Take a look at our airport transfer section.

Extra nights: If you need or are interested in prolonging your stay in Iceland, we would be glad to assist you in booking additional nights and/or activities at a special price, just contact us.



Price is based on Category 5 car, Toyota RAV4 4wd or similar

Price Includes
Shuttle Service for 1 Person to Pick-up Car on Day 2
Road Map
Northern Lights Cocktail at Thingholt Hotel
Northern Lights Coach Tour on Your First Evening in Iceland
3 Breakfasts at Hotels
Hotel Accommodation 3-4 Star
Car Rental, Cdw, Gps, Two Authorised Drivers
Price Does Not Include
 Entrance to the Blue Lagoon
 Optional Tours
 Transatlantic Air