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Yaroslavl, Russia

The Yaroslavl Region is situated in the Northern part of Central Russia with population of approximately 2,000,000. Its area is roughly equal to the territory of Belgium. The region has several major industrial centers - for example Yaroslavl, Rybinsk, Rostov. Most of the cities are very old and have a long and interesting history. The region is also known for its well-developed agriculture. Yaroslavl with a population of 700,000 is the capital of the region is a favourite city for tourists. The city is one of the pearls of Golden Ring of Russia a nice, beautiful city on the river Volga. In 2010 we will be celebrating the 1000th year anniversary of the foundation of Yaroslavl.



Yaroslavl is an important port along both banks of the Volga, founded in the 11th century by Prince Yaroslavl the Wise. Sightseeing will include many of the splendid monuments, as the St Elija the Prophet church in the central square with its famous fresco paintings Choir concert of Russian hymns at the Transfiguration Cathedral