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Puerto Madryn, Argentina

The city of Puerto Madryn lies in the northeastern region of the province of Chubut, on the shores of Golfo Nuevo, in one of the most sheletered areas of the Patagonia coast.

There are more than 30 kilometres of beaches with clear waters of an extraordinary color and white cliff, Puerto Madryn offers the tourist a landscape of great beauty.

The city is well-known for it's excellent scuba diving and offers many other activities such as fishing tournaments, snorkelling, jet skiing, water skiing, sailing, mountain biking and windsurfing (for those who enjoy defying the patagonicawinds).

Península Valdés, at 100 km. from the city, gives you the opportunity of observing a varied and important sea fauna such as the Southern Franca whale, Orcas, Elephants, Sea wolves, and others.

This city in the Pantagonia region is an excellent tourist destination. There are lovely hotels and excellent seafood.