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Patreksfjordur, Iceland

Patreksfjörður is a small fishing town, which bears the name of the fjord. Here a coastal lagoon has been dredged and opened to the sea to provide a sheltered harbour. The town stands on slender sandpits and stretches two kilometres along the narrow northern shore of the fjord. It began as a fishing port, like most of the villages and towns in this region, during the end of the nineteenth century. Nearness of rich fishing banks, and a sheltered harbour, makes Patreksfjörður town one of the main fishing ports in the region. It is well situated for exploring the southern part of the West fjords and the contrasting and interesting sights the area has to offer.

The town has a lot to offer the tourist sailing, sight seeing tours, sea angling and guided hiking tours and golf. Service is good, banks, a garage, hospital, pharmacy, post office, etc. Accommodation is in a guesthouse and a campsite. There is a gallery and a swimming pool in Patreksfjörður and a tourist information.