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Goritza, Russia

Goritza Monastery

Goritsa also translated into English as Goritzi and Goritzy, is a small village that is a stop on the Russian River cruise tour. Usually there is a taste of local peasant customs served up with proggi ( a Russian pastry) and tea.

Goritza is also the home of the Goritza monastery which is the stand out view from the river of the town. Also nearby is the very impressive Kirillow-Belozersky Monastery.

Monastery is sort of a misleading term in the way Westerners understand them. The Russian monasteries were indeed homes to monks and religious orders, but they were also fortified and in the case of the Kirrilow-Belozersky, massivley so.The Kirrilow-Belozersky monastery was contested more than once by foreign armies.

Goritza's monastery by comparason is a quiant country church surrounded by a village of friendly farmers and shop keepers.


Russian Village

Typical Russian village