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Birger Jarl

Hotel Birger Jarl Forgotten
Birger Jarl Hotel SwedenBirger Jarl Hotel Stockholm
Hotel Birger Jarl

Birger Jarl has undergone a great change. Source of inspiration have included majestic Swedish birch trees, the traditional red color of rural Swedish houses and good old-fashioned consideration for our guests. In sculpting our surroundings, we have sought to reflect the warmth of summer lakes, the scent of midsummer flowers and the exuberance of July sunshine. But we have to let the cold of winter into our rooms - sparkling pure, tranquil and snug, like the first snow.

In every corner of Birger Jarl, Swedish designers have communicated their unique interpretation of hot and cold, summer and winter. This can take the form of ice crystal forms in a woolen rug or the warm curve of a cool glass. The style is modern as it is timeless, while it welcomes the multicultural world in which we live with open arms. The new Birger Jarl is a refugee for all, and there is a favorite spot for everyone. It is a hotel in a constant state of change, of vibrant renewal. You may visit us in August, but you can be sure that the Birger Jarl will look quite different by Christmas time.

In other words, you'll feel welcome and at home with us at any time of the year!

Restaurant on entrance floor. Coffee bar in the lobby.

The seventh floor is the place to unwind and work out. Our gym is located next to the sauna and is free for the use of hotel guests.

Room Info

Number of rooms: 240

Of which, business rooms: 115

Non-smoking rooms: 57

Number of beds: 397

Between 1994 and 1998, all our rooms were completely refurbished. Our aim is to create accommodation to suit both business and leisure travellers. We have designed areas with the working guest in mind - theres plenty of space, lots of electric sockets, ISDN connections in every room as well as voicemail.

Our digital exchange has modular plugs. We also have ISDN lines in every room, though to take advantage of this facility you must ask for it specially at reception. We have chosen to fit every room with a proper desk lamp to make evening working easier.

One of the most important and memorable aspects of staying in a hotel is how well you have slept. When we renovated the rooms, we chose our bed supplier with care. Down pillows and duvets are standard in every room and, of course, there are alternatives for allergy-sufferers. In spite of our central Stockholm location, our guests are not disturbed by noise from the street.

We offer our guests a wide range of free TV channels as well as six pay channels.

The forgotten room -

One fine day, the renovation of our rooms was finally complete. The builders dusted themselves down, packed up their tools and headed for home. But when the plastic sheeting was removed from the walls, we made an amazing discovery. Room 247 had not been touched! Due to its out-of-the-way position at the end of a corridor, it had simply been overlooked.

So now room 247 remains as a symbol of the 70s and shows how the Birger Jarl hotel used to look. Opinions vary as to whether the decor is an example of good taste or not!.